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Textile and Jute Bill presents i...

The ministry of Jute & Textile has referred to the parliament committee to review the textile...

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8th International YARN & FAB...

The 8th Edition of YARN & FABRICS has been scheduled the next year during January 18 – 21, 20...

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Company Introduction

Leading Jute Yarn Exporter From Bangladesh - Musa Jute

Musa Jute Fibers has been a vastly practiced and professional Jute Yarn Exporter from Bangladesh. We have been manufacturing top quality jute and jute yarn to provide services in making different products from using yarn. We are also extremely familiar in dealing with raw jute and exporting high quality jute yarn products; for using them in different products making services to fulfill the demands of our customers from inland and internationally.

About Jute Yarn:

Jute Yarn is a major product of Bangladesh which considered as the golden fiber and has been produced in large quantity all over the country. Musa Jute Yarn Exporter has been engaged in exporting the fundamental fiber products that is being used in making various jute products that are recognized in the country and as well as exported to our worldwide customers. Some of the jute products are primarily as jute yarn, hessian clothes, hessian bags, sacking bags, carpet backing clothes, jute ropes, and jute bags etc.

Proficient Employees:

MusaJuteFibers has been a professional Jute Yarn Exporter; having skilled and experienced team working for the company and caters the exact requirements of our countrywide and international customers. We have highly skilled and dedicated team of players having complete awareness and knowledge about jute yarn international market. Thus, we are serving our best to provide best prices to our customers and provide their required jute and jute yarn products. Our dedicated employees are extremely reliable to serve you our quality jute and related best knowledge and services about our raw jute and jute yarn.

Our Mission:

Musa Jute has a mission to serve customers and provide them satisfied jute products and let them know complete description about raw jute and jute yarn before they buy. We are quality jute yarn exporter and prefer to provide demanding needs of our customers and confirm the availability of local mills before making any deal. This way; we can manage the time delivery of the said products to the customers on time to their required destination. Our jute yarn, raw jute and jute bags are fairly designed in simple but are usually employed in large many services. We have always cared to provide the finest quality raw jute yarn and jute to our clients and giving them the best and competent prices.

Loyal and Supportive:

Musa Jute Yarn Exporter has been always a great support to our customers and they have always found us quite supportive and obliging in different services. We keep our customers well-informed about our raw jute and jute yarn products and let them choose the best products according to their type of use. We are here to provide our best services and products to our customers and have always tried our best to serve relevant information about our raw jute yarn so that they can completely be confident in selecting and buying their required jute products.